Personalized Cakes in Upland, CA

Are you looking for a creative way to surprise someone special? At Layered Cakerie in Upland, CA, we specialize in custom cakes that are sure to make any occasion extra special! Our talented bakers create delicious, one-of-a-kind creations that look as good as they taste.

From the flavors and decorations, every cake is customized just for you. No matter your celebration, our cakes can take your event up another level!

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Personalized Cakes


Birthdays are one of the most popular occasions for getting a custom cake. Whether it’s a first birthday or an 80th, custom cakes can be designed to fit any theme and make the day extra special.


Weddings are another great occasion for getting a custom cake. From classic white wedding cakes to more elaborate designs that match the theme of the wedding, custom cakes can make the big day even more memorable.


Custom cakes are also a great option for anniversaries. Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or an anniversary of any other kind, a custom cake can help to make the occasion even more special. The design of the cake can reflect the couple’s personalities, favorite hobbies, or even their love story.


Graduations are another great time to get a custom cake. Whether it’s a high school graduation or college commencement, having a customized cake can help commemorate this important milestone in life. Custom cakes can be designed with school colors and logos, or personalized with messages of congratulations and good luck for the future.

With our exquisite creations and personal touch on each cake flavor, texture, and design—a sweet treat from Layered Cakerie will be remembered long after the last piece of frosting has been eaten! Visit our contact page to learn more and be sure to message us if you have any other questions or would like to order your own custom cake.